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Saturday, December 3, 2016 by Linda Anderson | Uncategorized

This week at the studio has been busy!  We had one student who auditioned for her school musical, two others preparing for their school musical audition, and two students who will perform tonight with my trio, "Ta-Dah!" at the STAGES Radio Jazz Hour benefit show.

The success story of the week goes to Maya. Over the past few months, Maya has faced her fears and replaced them with determination to deliver a solid, confident audition for her school musical. She was one of over 80 people who auditioned. And ... SUCCESS ... Maya achieved her goals of: (1) Feeling good about her audition, (2) Getting a callback, (3) Being cast in the show!

Those are the steps. One at a time. But the preparation put in way before the audition is crucial to success. 

She put in the work and it paid off BIG TIME! Congratulations, Maya!!

Tonight we are looking forward to Evelyn and Maddie performing at the benefit show. These girls have been rehearsing their individual parts and learning harmonies. They have been working together at rehearsals, but have not had the opportunity of working with "Ta-Dah!" trio yet. Last night, Maddie was a pro working with us. She held her part and sang with me as Evelyn's substitute. Tonight we all get to perform together for the first time. These girls have done their homework, so all should go well! Great experience for budding performers.

My other students who are prepping for auditions next have also been working hard. I have to say that my last session with David gave me goosebumps when he finally connected his technique and performance. He is ready. I will be working with Isaac tomorrow for his last session before his audition next week. He is a determined young man that has made great progress in his vocal work. We wish them both well for their auditions!!

Oops, almost forgot, Lovey had been asked quite a long time ago to prepare to sing Ave Maria this Christmas. Luckily, we worked on it during the summer. This style is totally out of the norm for her. but I always like to have my students stretch out of their genre...lots to be learned by doing that!  They then decided not to have her sing this piece, so we didn't work any further on it. She called me panicked and desperate for a quick session with me because the singer they decided to use for this was sick and they turned back to Lovey. Unfortunately, I had not a single time slot available that day for an emergency session. I made a quick call to her and we went over the places that she was unsure of and smoothed them out. So glad we had spent some time last summer at least learning the song style, breathing, placement and pronunciation (it is in Latin!) She tells me that it went well. And she has added another tool to her arsenal!!

So all in all, it was a great, busy week full of success stories for my dedicated students. I'm so proud of you all!!

~Miss Linda

Students Evelyn and Maddie will be performing with "Ta-Dah!" at this event!