Linda Anderson's Vocal Studio

Private Voice Lesson Policies

Time Slots - Optimal progress is made by booking a standard 60-minute class per week. Half-hour is the minimum class time available. You may share a time slot with a friend or sibling depending on your goals and with instructor approval. If using the website calendar to schedule your lesson, please schedule at least 24 hours in advance of your desired time.

Rates - One hour = $70; 45 minutes = $52; 30 minutes = $35.

Payment - All lessons must be paid for by cash, PayPal or check (made payable to Linda Anderson) either in advance for the entire month or on a class-by-class basis at the time of each lesson.

Cancelations & Make-Up Lessons - If you need to cancel your lesson for any reason, call or text at least 24 hours in advance and schedule a make-up lesson. If you do not call or text, you will be required to pay for the time-slot you missed.

Lateness - If one student is late, this affects all the students that follow. It also eats up a lot of my personal time. Because of this, if you're late, your lesson will be shorter. You are buying a specific block of time, so try to be on time! Conversely, if I am late starting your lesson, I will adjust your time either on that lesson or a subsequent one.

Parents or other visitors are allowed into the private session by invitation of the director only. Students spend much more productive time one-on-one with the instructor.

Practicing - Going once a week to a voice teacher will not magically improve your voice. You must practice at home, too! I will suggest specific daily vocal exercises and also recommend programs that will be available for you to purchase for at-home use. I encourage recording your lessons so that you can refer back to what you've learned, and write down your assignments in a notebook.

Music - Bring whatever music you are working on with you to your lesson. From time to time, I loan students sheet music to copy so they can practice effectively. It's important to return such sheet music at your next lesson. If you fail to return music in a timely fashion, you will be charged replacement costs. If I purchase a specific song for you to work on, I will pass on that expense to you. Generally, sheet music costs $6 per song, tracks can range from $2 on up depending on whether it is a custom arrangement or not.

Song and Script Editing - Basic music track and script editing is complimentary if done during your lesson but will require a fee if further editing is necessary.  This service will be billed at current studio rates based on time spent editing your project (see rates above). Simple editing requiring only 15 minutes will be billed at $17.

Students Evelyn and Maddie will be performing with "Ta-Dah!" at this event!